About Me, a.k.a. Lyn Rex, a.k.a Adultish

Adult-ish is the nom de plume of me- Lyn Rex. It is an attempt to chronicle my  life with my husband and our three dogs in Austin, Texas.  I freely admit to being a movie fanatic, an unabashed X-Files/ Buffy & Angel/comic book/scifi geek, and a complete bookworm.

Currently unemployed, my day job used to be finding information which suits her well.  Now it is trying to find a job in a dying industry during a recession.  Let’s just say I like disappointment.

At night, I am earning my library degree which may or may not allow me to leave my computer cave for the bright lights of the real world and non-chat room/ listserv communications with real people.

As a warning, I have a very dry wit and am often inappropriately sarcastic.

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