Posted by: Lyn Rex | 19 December 2008

In Which I Talk Hulu

One thing that unemployment has provided me is a great amount of time to watch TV and more importantly think about the TV I am watching and how I watch it.

Mostly, even before we cut off cable to save money, I watched my shows on Hulu, which if you aren’t on, you should be.  NBC and FOX run the place meaning CBS and ABC shows aren’t on there- to their own detriment.

I’ve tried to watch CBS and ABC shows on their website players but the players are poorly organized, difficult to navigate and hardly function most of the time.  And don’t get me started on the incompatibility issues arising from my use of Mac’s Safari or Mozilla’s Firefox browsers.  Something which ABC and CBS are stupid to ignore as the youth, those most likely to stream TV in nontraditional settings, are flocking to Apple products.

Hulu works because it is simple.  You log on, you create a queue of the shows you want to be automatically added after they have aired, and watch. You can also just browse the recently added or alphabetical listings to see what’s available. The commercials are short and, unlike ABC, you don’t have to click to continue watching the show, the show just continues after the end of the commercial. Also, Hulu has movies.  Important movies like Bring it On, Rudy and Dude, Where’s My Car.

I honestly don’t like streaming shows illegally so I’ve stopped watching shows on ABC and CBS.  I loved Pushing Daisies, CSI: Miami and CSI: Las Vegas have their charms but I’m not going to waste my time watching them on sub-par platforms.  While CBS and Moonves aren’t suffering for viewers, ABC is hemorrhaging viewers (Seriously, beyond Lost, can you name an ABC show?) and if they want to get back that all important youth demographic, they need to seriously consider unloading the trash that is the ABC viewer, and signing aboard with Hulu.


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