Posted by: Lyn Rex | 18 November 2008

In Which I Sit Up

Today’s goal is to sit in a chair for two hours.  That’s right, sit up in a chair.  Laying down, walking, standing- no problems there.  However, sitting is rather difficult.

I need to practice because I’ve got to attend a dinner this weekend.  A dinner where I will be expected to sit. Upright.  Probably without my feet elevated by a footstool.  And leaning back will be discouraged.

Which means I will also have to practice eating like a regular person, meaning no more elevating my plate to within inches beneath my mouth.  This action is also discouraged.

I have decided to do both currently.  For the first time in two weeks, I am posting while sitting at my desk where I will also be eating once my food is heated.  Very exciting stuff.

I’m also sitting up and paying attention because I am actually interested in the Blackberry Storm.  Crazy, eh?  I hated my previous blackberry with a passion and I love my 3G iPhone.  Why I am interested in the Storm then?  It’s not the clickable touch screen or 3.2 mega-pixel camera/video recorder or the fact I can hook up my laptop to the Storm to use the device as a modem or the fact that John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) narrates the commercial.  It is simply the network that the Storm is on–Verizon.  I hate being locked to AT&T with the iPhone.  I hate the outrageous costs and flakey service.  I was with Verizon for almost eight years when I left for no other reason than the iPhone.

Now, with my business needs not being met completely by the iPhone, with the increasing add-on costs of having the iPhone, with the dropped calls, the Storm is very tempting.  Very, very tempting and it’s a shame the marketing has been so poor, so little and, so far, unnoticed.


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